Pugsy has a little treat or two up its sleeve.



  • Announce the Pugsy Malone Cronos migration.


  • Create new telegram channels for BSC migration.


  • Hire Trynos to produce a new double dex smart contract.


  • Hire Degen Punk development team to produce the Pugsy Poker Parlour platform.


  • Hire in-house web designer, graphic artist and branding specialist (Distorted Designs)


  • Begin production on the Pugsy Malone website.

  • Release the Mafia Papers and roadmap.

  • Purchase a standalone server, web hosting and domains.


  • Development officially begins on the Pugsy Poker Parlour platform.


  • Create the Pugsy Malone discord community and social channels.


  • Confirm final two dexes for the Pugsy Malone presale.


  • Rigorously test the smart contract and trial launch.

  • Announce presale date!

  • Reveal the Pugsy Malone website.

  • Hire additional team members, a community moderation team, and partnerships. - Launch the Pugsy Poker Parlour platform BETA.

  • Begin presale marketing with an official Pugsy Malone AMA tour.

  • NFT and whitelist gleam competition giveaways.

  • Produce branded social media advertising videos.

  • Advertise the Pugsy Malone presale through targeted social media campaigns. - The Pugsy Malone Presale goes live!

  • Launch $PUGSY simultaneously on CrowFi and MMFinance (TBC)

  • Release the Pugsy Poker Parlour platform Alpha.

  • Create branded promotional material to advertise the PPP platform and services.

  • Creation of Rent_A_Room service and goal of $5,000,000 market cap.

  • List Pugsy Malone on all available token listing sites.

  • Partner with traditional marketing consultants and specialist teams for global marketing development.

  • Hire an international moderating team and setup global Pugsy social channels.

  • First press release and initial global marketing campaign initiative.

  • Release the first Pugsy Malone NFT avatar collection.

  • Aggressive social media marketing campaign advertising the PPP platform. - Begin R&D on the Pugsy Malone utility development list.

  • Seek partnerships with a public poker figure to promote Pugsy Malone.

  • Add ETH as an accepted currency on the PPP platform.

  • Host the first large prize pot freeroll poker tournament at $10,000,000.